How Flabby is your Brain?

via artist Wendy MacNaughton as it appeared in Forbes Magazine.


Black Bear in Pennsylvania

It came out of the grass so suddenly I wasn't sure if my eyes were deceiving me.   It was a youngster, black as can be and probably not very tall.

It is the first black bear I've been in this area although this article documents an increase of these bears in Pennsylvania.

Even if I had my camera with me I couldn't have snapped a photograph as the bear moved quickly, clearly frightened and I was in a moving vehicle.


En Plein Air in Plain Sight: Bryant Park

It must be exciting to be amidst the throngs in Bryant Park, and as painter Patti Mollica said, "“I was a little scared at first, but I feel like I can paint anywhere now.”

Patti Mollica, Bryant Park via the New York Times

And living more than 100 miles from the City I missed it.