Hello Kitty Hi Tec-C

With fountain pens my primary focus for writing , and living in the countryside far from the maddening crowd, I've had little to no access to the world of suppliers.

I have become one of the ignorant and behind the times of what is au courant in the writing instrument world and newly in the shops. So, until last week I hadn't heard of the Pilot Hi-Tec-C gel pens and hadn't a clue what to expect when I received a Hello Kitty Hi-Tec-C, Black 0.4mm from our friends, the Jetters, at Jet Pens to test.

I immediately did a google search to see if I could find more about them, and discovered that the Pen Addict had reviewed these pens here and here, Moleskinerie had a promotion spot on the pens by the Jetters. And more recently bloggers, Mind Most Peculiar and Penguingirl reviewed versions of the pen.

In addition to the 0.4mm I have, the pens come in .25mm, 0.3mm and 0.5mm and in a variety of colors including black, green, pink, aqua blue, orange, clear blue, baby pink, apricot orange and red.

Pilot appears to have melded their Hello Kitty look with their Hi-Tec-C writer. It took me awhile (I am old and slow) to figure out how, but the Hello Kitty figurines are removal and can be alternated one kitty to another, treasured and become a keepsake or used on another Hi-Tec-C pen.

While I find Hello Kitty "cute" it is the pen itself that floored me.

It is terrific. It is dynamite. It is fabulous?


When I opened the package, in the late afternoon with very little light, and started to write, I was confused. I had to turn on the lamp to verify that what I was using was a pen and not a fine mechanical pencil. Yes, the point is that fine and that sharp and that clean.

So, instead of writing with the Hi-Tec-H, I decided to doodle, and doodle I did.

Doodles of Isis Bird (self symbols) ©

And I kept on doodling.

Doodle, applying some water for smudging and shading ©

And kept on doodling, adding water, writing with the pen onto a crescent board layered with paint, tossed some watercolour over one of my symbolic doodles, and then put the pen down--sated and satisfied that I had received one good drawing pen.

No, it is not waterproof. No it isn't the best pen to use with watercolour, but it can be used that way judiciously. Yes it can write over paint and that is something I do often.

So, Hello Kitty, I welcome the Hi-Tec-C as my new favourite of all gel pens.

Thank you Jet Pens for making me the proud owner of a cool and truly useful gel.

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