Mayhem & Conflict, a typical 5 day

Well, I have been having intermittent difficulty getting the airport in my Mac to respond and all those flashing green lights were not blinking on my modem. Finally called the internet provider when an hour had elapsed and all I had was dead airtime.

They said, "you are getting service." And repeated this more times than I care to recount so I said, "thank you very much, I'll call Apple."

And indeed it was my Airport. It had changed colour magically over the last few days, and I was unaware of its orange warning signal as I have so many wires tucked around it was invisible.

After a polite and productive quarter hour with David at Apple Care, it is now green, I have my own network, a password and the cows can't coast for free anymore because this password protects the airport signal from floating around to all and sundry.

My neighbours will undoubtedly be surprised at the change.

But I did have time to examine the 3 Esterbrooks I found at the Callicoon Garage Sale on Friday.

They have soaked over night and it appears the dried ink in the nibs and the body are nearly clean and now possible for me to figure out what I got.

It is unlikely I'll keep these pens as I am just not able to accept lever fillers, but it was a very nice surprise to see some vintage-like fountain pens in my neighbourhood.

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