Review: J. Herbin Vert Empire Ink

J. Herbin Vert Empire ink,
Lamy Safari 1.1 and Exacompta Planner

J. Herbin inks have been among my favourites, and certainly one of the first bottle inks I used in my fountain pens. When Quo Vadis blog offered some greens to try out for St. Patrick's Day, I volunteered and Karen Doherty, Exaclair's Marketing Vice President, graciously sent along the ink.

Sample Writing in Exacompta Planner
(purchased at Pear Tree Pens)

Text Reads:

A test of J. Herbin Vert Empire in my Exacompta planner.

A much more muted colour than my swab and more subtle than the dip pen samples.

Swab and dip pen samples
(Left: Diamine Umber, Right: J. Herbin Vert Empire

It is rather like Diamine Umber, although the Umber is more saturated.

It is smooth writing - does have some very obvious shading in a Safari Lamy 1.1.

It is also quite a professional looking color.

And it dries in about 7 seconds on this paper.

I rather like this ink, and pleased that I filled my Lamy Safari Lime with it, a rather nice combination. I think it will be a regular in this and other pens.

Ink and planner can be purchased at Pear Tree Pens, inks are also available at many vendors, including Pendemonium & Swisher. Prices vary.


  1. Hi, I also volunteered to test a J.Herbin ink for Karen of Quo Vadis. I haven't sent mine in yet, but I have scanned one of my tests to attach to an email to send to her. Obviously I don't have a blog or I would post it as you have so artfully done. I tested Vert Reseda, a much lighter green than the one you tested.

    Thanks for your ink, paper, and pen information. I am fairly new to fountain pens and I appreciate all the help you have given me through your blog.

  2. Erin, nice to see you.

    Will you post your review elsewhere--Fountain Pen Network perhaps?

    Did you like the Vert Reseda? This is my only J. Herbin green.

    Best to you and thanks for coming by.

  3. Random question but what pen inks work best with cpic markers? I love my fountain pen, but want to find an ink that is compatible with copics as well... felt tip nibs are annoying almost :/


  4. Check out the ink replacement(s) for Copic markers here

    Luck with you.