The L Train to Annika Elizabeth & Family

Last stop on the L train (8th Avenue)

On Monday morning, I hopped into the car, drove to Monticello (NY), took the Short Line to Port Authority, and the L train to see Annika Elizabeth, just one week old, and my Beanie mob. The family came up from Pittsburgh and I arranged my visit to coincide with theirs.

Annika Elizabeth, one week old
The new Mother, Miranda

The Beanie Monster herself, Anya Zoe

The nearly two year old, Ruby Slippers reading in bed

The blanket Beanie Monster's Mom made for Annika
(her first, wonderful sewing project for her sister's baby)

Two Moms with Annika Elizabeth & nearly 2 year old Ruby Slippers

All five girl-women together on sofa

Parents all: Miranda, Reid & Marijke (Michael was at work)

The end of the day, leaving Port Authority for home at 8.30PM


  1. Oh, I love them ... the photos and the family! I am so glad you got to spend the day. I was sad to leave after a wonderful time with these wonderful children.

  2. It would have been even more perfect if you had been there.