Port Townsend, WA Seaport

Teesha Moore, widely known for her original art, terrific 'zines and her fest in Port Townsend, ten years running and going strong, is inaugurating her first Journalfest in October 2009.

When I was on my pre-retirement search in 2002, Port Townsend was one of dozens of towns I floated into coming from Vancouver and returning to Portland, OR.

Unfortunately, my visit did not coincide with any of the Artfests, although I did meet and see many an artist friend and/or acquaintance who shared their work, some of which had been created at or inspired by one or more Artfests.

I did manage to check out the entire town, probably not much bigger than, say, Northampton, MA or Belfast, ME.

What I remember best was an old soda fountain restaurant with some wonderful 40s and 50s decor; an enclosed shopping area with a good crafts shop, several other off Main Street eye openers and the wonderful views.

In fact as I think back it is similar in feeling to some of the East Coast's seaside resorts, but with its own West Coast flare.

I also vaguely remember, but with a smile on my face, getting lost several times in this part of our vast country, and getting stranded for a day on one island having missed a ferry, and staring in bewilderment as I drove onto a 2-car ferry from one island to the next that reminded me of my trip across Lake Titicaca or trips to Shelter Island (Long Island)--dangerous looking but reasonably safe.

Now very much back on the East Coast, with airports hours away, it is unlikely that I will attend, but dreaming can be sweet and perhaps someone I know will go and report back.

Registration is open. Limited participation, 200.

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