Where are my pens?

Chart for the hour/minute of question

I have misplaced not one, but two fountain pens. I have searched everywhere but can't find them. I think when the children and grandchildren came I de-cluttered so well that several personal items got put in some unlikely places.

So, after searching everywhere I can think of, including some of the most unreasonable places, I thought I'd try horary (astrology) something I was once good at.

With every horary astrology book I've owned sold, I have no references and must rely solely on my memory.

It appears immediately that I am blocked about the pens whereabouts (Moon sq. Pluto), especially as it is clear that the pen is in the house (4th hse=home).

It is obvious I will have to do some serious right brain work to go farther than the obvious: lots of activity in the 7th and the "other 'Western' quadrant" might mean I will need someone else to help me unravel this mystery.

With Saturn (unaspected) in the 12hs, I suspect the pens are hidden, under something or in something.

There are no malific influences to preclude my finding the pens; the Moon will continue to aspect other planets in the 7hs; it is neither too late or too early to ask the question.

, the Moon won't make another major aspect, hence, the question may be moot.

I also know that the Bean was very interested in my art supplies...I wonder if she saw them, or might know where they are and if she might remember (this is an intuitive rather than a horary response).

Horary is not a well studied or well understood branch of astrology and I haven't been in touch with any of my on line astrology acquaintances for many years--so no help from that quarter.

This may take me as long as turning the house upside down!

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