Copic Markers and Pens

Copic Pens .01, .03, .08, 1.0 mm

The Pen Addict's recent Copic Multiliner give-a-way reminded me of my very own stash of Copic markers and pens. These really hold up as I am reasonably certain I bought the Copics more than three or four years ago and all appear ready to write.

Copic Markers, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Black, Cadmium Yellow

I also have quite a few markers. I did some colour tests, but for some reason I can't seem to identify which Copic markers they are and there are several varieties. Most of those I have are cylindrical, but others are squared off. (NB: The cylindrical ones are "Sketch.")

I believe I discovered these in one of Teesha Moore's Play zines. It's also possible I bought them in Seattle at Kerrie Carbary's Turtle Press.

Sometimes my memory is beyond excellent, other times I can't remember my own name but it is good that I rediscovered this hoard of markers as I have every intention of using them this week.

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