Working on Dreams

Antique French Brass Inkwell

Have you ever noticed that although dreams generally fly away, some stay with you forever?

Avenue des Champs-Elysees, Paris Signage

I had a dream about 25 years ago that included a jaunt down the Champs Elysees with my brother and a window shopping spree. In the dream, we approached an antique store with double windows and apparently no glass. G put his hand into the right hand window and snatched some object out, I just admired the left hand window with an antique inkwell similar to the one above.

A fellow psychologist and I spent ages analyzing the dream and he suggested that I find the inkwell and use it to explore why I hesitated taking it. We concluded it was an issue of anima vs. animus.

Now twenty five years later I find a similar, but not identical inkwell. In the dream the sun was shining quite brightly, a lovely day and the inkwell was silver. It was silver I kept looking for and never found.

I suspect a lesson here somewhere.

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