More London

 The Smithsonian has gone all out Jack London here


Back to Brasil

It is fascinating how our minds and the memories that lay within work.  I was searching for something about Nigeria; read an article on HIV, which somehow led me to a piece on parks in the nation's Capitol.

This triggered an old memory of a leisurely and uncommon walk with a colleague from the NIH along the Potomac River (in Georgetown) and then to the chairman of the Department of Parasitology, where I toiled long enough to get vested.

I promised to visit the aging Professors at their summer home in Long Island, and now time is slipping away as they celebrate life in their 80s, spending 3 months of the year in Brasil where they both went to medical school and met. 

This piece about their frequent returns to their medical school roots is edifying.

The fate of Bradbury's home

I learned today that Ray Bradbury's house in Los Angeles, which sold for more than a million dollars, is being torn down.

In his own words