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I thought I'd leisurely read Journal Spilling at Callicoon's new cafe, drinking coffee and taking in the last rays of sun, instead what I wanted to do was follow along with Diana and spill all over my journal(s).

The book is written in a refreshing, engaging and experienced voice--the voice of Diana Trout. “Free expression” exercises, the book’s subtitle, are skillfully woven throughout the book putting the reader, and journal maker at ease.

It is a book that motivates both the long-term journal keepers, like myself, and the novice, to set up and gather a few supplies and tools, anywhere, and just do it in its opening chapter, Warming Up. In fact, it fosters just what the title suggests, a way in which to create an organic, self defined journal just spilling onto a page from a box of crayons, a watercolour palette or a bottle of ink.

Judgment free, the chapters build on each other, and erase the terror often associated with trying to achieve the perfect page with precious materials. Instead, the Censor takes back stage while the Creator relaxes, explores and produces a seemingly effortless personal journal page(s). The book's chapter, "Taming the Critic" does some of the work, but it is the book in its entirety that grants the reader total permission to move beyond that "do not trespass" sign artists often experience.

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At midpoint in reading the book, I found myself, “spilling” here, there and in my “Artistic Attempts “ journal—an altered calendar resurfaced with gesso.

The Words Speak for Themselves ©

The fact that I was able to venture so freely and spontaneously into a journal spill is testament to the writer’s skill and the books value. Too often, I weigh myself down with pensive pondering and few art pages.

I am not Picasso ©

My Censor and cacophony of Critics are shrill, but with Journal Spilling at my side and Diana’s voice in my head, perhaps I might yet capture that sense of freedom that arrives when we allow ourselves to just create.

Just Do It ©

You can get your copy of Journal Spilling from Diana directly with a bonus collage pack.

Treat yourself to this terrific book!

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