My first Artist DVD: Anne Bagby

I was first introduced to Anne Bagby's work in Lynne Perrella's compendium, "True Colors: A Palette of Collaborative Art Journals ." When the book arrived, my friend Sue and I, chatting on the phone hundreds of miles apart, flipped through the book together, using post-it notes for the pages we admired.

In the end, we both came away with multiple post-its for Ms. Bagby's work.

What I liked about the work was its dimensionality; depth; suggestions of more--a mystery to unfold; the frequent simple, but evocative compositions; and her originality. She makes her own paper, stamps and stencils.

Anne Bagby © via Artists Magazine

Recently, The Artists Magazine offered a glimpse into Anne Bagby's work and perhaps mentioned a DVD.

What I did know is that Creative Catalyst Productions offered many artists work on DVD.

After staring at the DVD, watching a clip, and reading about another artist's excitement after working with the DVD, I finally pushed the "buy it now" button.

It arrived in today's post-holiday mail.

I am excited but hesitate to watch it. I don't want to be disappointed in this purchase.

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