Meeting Diana Trout

Have you ever sat on a bench to rest your feet and suddenly found yourself with a companion?It has happened to me often, but in two cases, one in 1975, and the other in 2003, not only did I find myself with a temporary companion, I found a friend!

A conference had been organised on the East Coast, a rarity, and those of us who had often missed out on the plethora of West Coast opportunities, were so excited we came out in droves.

7 of Vine ©

The one workshop I was keen to take was with Linda & Opie O'Brien. I loved that workshop and have 7 of Vine hanging in my kitchen.

But what I remember most about my rare attendance at workshops and this ArtiologyWorkshop is meeting Diana Trout.

Diana had come with some of her Philadelphia friends, two of whom I knew from several on line art groups.
Yet for reasons inexplicable, we gravitated to each other in a quiet way that has been sustained with telephone calls, and an exchange of submissions to our now defunct, but then respective zines.Now Diana Trout has come out with an amazing new book, Journal Spilling, Mixed Media Techniques for Free Expression.

Journal Spilling is terrific!

(To be continued)

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