Movies: Eyes Wide Open (Einaym Pkuhot)

Photo via Huffington Post ©

A bold movie of love "Eyes Wide Open, " set in a tightly knit Jerusalem orthodox community poses a question often asked, but infrequently examined in strict religious settings, how to manage same sex partnerships.

The movie came to my attention because I have been following A.O. Scott's recommended films at the New York Times. This film was listed this past weekend among his favourites.


Move Your Money Campaign: New Mexico

It appears that more than single depositors are moving their money from large banks with this 60-0 vote in New Mexico to move much of its state funds to credit unions and community banks.

If you don't know about the campaign, started at Huffington Post, check this link.


Irving Penn at the National Portrait Gallery

Irving Penn ©
After Dinner Games, New York 1947

The National Portrait Gallery (London) will have on exhibit from 8 February - 6 June 2010 more than 100 portrait photographs by Irving Penn.

About Irving Penn, recently deceased here and here.


Groundhog Day

Six more weeks of Winter? Perhaps not!

My own neighbour, Cleo's Groundhog, did not appear today but the snow did.

Behind Rockwell's Lens

A fresh look at Norman Rockwell on NPR.

The Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA will exhibit Rockwell Behind the Lens through May 31, 2010.


Colour of the Pantone Year: Turquoise

The word spread in December, but I only caught up today that Pantone has selected turquoise as the colour of the year for 2010.


Haiti Fundraiser for Doctors without Borders

The musicians were magical.

Even on a wintry night with temperatures of 0ºF- 3ºF, we had a packed house.

An amazing number of artists donated their work.

My own two photographs sold to an enthusiastic buyer.

The Delaware Valley Arts Alliance gave us the go-ahead to re-open the following day, and leave any unsold artwork up in their Loft until Friday, 5 February.

We'll count the coins, dollars and cheques then.

A successful event and now time for a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

NB - The Haitian Prime Minister responds to aid and Haiti's future here on 1 February.

Museum Cafes

Lovely and delicious dining after splendid viewing of art work is becoming the fashion.

My last visit to the Ruben Museum proved satisfying gastronomically and visually. Their soup is superb; their menu small but appetizing and reasonably priced.

My fine dining evening at a North Carolina museum was better than a 4 Star restaurant at $25.00 for 3-courses including wine.

Museum of Arts & Design, 2 Columbus Circle, New York
Chester Higgins, Jr. courtesy New York Times ©

I was disappointed that the Museum of Arts & Design's cafe was not opened when I visited at holiday time, but it appears it is up and running now.

Vancouver Dances


One World, One Heart

Pentamento #386

A year has passed, and The Whimsical Bohemian, Lisa Swifka, is running another One World, One Heart, just as my own heart is wide open to giving.

Photograph: Dan's Barn, Winter 2007, S. Z. Hecht ©

I have organised a local fund raiser for Haiti and I printed out an extra copy of one of my photographs. I would like to offer it here after a random pick and at the close of the event, 15 February.

I will also be offering two secret parcels of art supplies.

So, a total of three give-a-ways and a chance at making the world a better place.

Anyone with a blog is free to post for a chance to win!


Photographer: Igor Kruter

Igor Kruter ©

Igor Kruter, Israeli photographer who studied and lives in Arnheim (the Netherlands), looks at powerful women in two of his studies, one of which is women in the Israeli army, via NRC.Handelsblad.


Another Hit Interview at the Voodoo with Diana Trout

Ricë Freeman-Zachery does it again: another excellent interview, this time with Diana Trout, author of Journal Spilling.

My review of Diana's book here.

The complete list of Ricë Freeman-Zachery's podcasts here.

Haiti: iTunes will donate all funds

I don't know how to use iTunes (I'll learn soon enough) but joining and pre-ordering tonight's fund raising performances from the telethon "Hope for Haiti" for a mere USD7.99 is just another way to say we care.

These are the performers.

To preorder go to the iTunes store.

Some clips from the telethon.

Details about the event here.


SteamPunk in Oxford

Steampunk article via Salon.


Notes from the Voodoo Cafe: Jodi Creager

Another terrific interview at Ricë Freeman-Zachery's Voodoo Cafe with Jodi Creager, an absolute insightful exchange about art, life, doll making--Jodi's specialty--and how art is hard but valuable work.

Lots to take away from this one!

All of Ricë Freeman-Zachery's can be found here.


Geert Wilders to be Prosecuted

One year later, update:

Wilders case goes to trial.

On January 21, 2009 I wrote:

Geert Wilders, known for his movie, fitna, is to have a comeuppance for hate speech, something taken rather seriously in Europe.

It appears that both Germany and the Netherlands are writing about this case as well they should: it will have some serious reverberations elsewhere in the debate of pro- and anti-Islamic rhetoric.


In Memoriam: Miep Gies

Miep Gies was the last to survive the Frank Family story. Here she sits at her old desk and reflects on the past (in Dutch).

More in English about Miep Gies.

The funeral service for Miep Gies will be held at the PC Hooft Uitvaartverzorging crematory, Berkhouterweg 26 in Hoorn, the Netherlands. Those wishing to pay their respects to Ms. Gies may do so on Saturday, 16 January, from 16:45 to 17:45.
The cremation ceremony will take place on Monday, 18 January at 14:30.

Once more I wish I was in my Bloemgracht house and able to pay my personal respects to Miep Gies.

Haiti Needs Support

A list of agencies working on Haiti relief.