Postal Increase, Duh!

Off to the Post Office this morning, and of course I needed 1¢ stamps for my postcards, and a sheet of the newer stamps, whether they are "forever" or not is probably a misnomer.

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Hero goes on a Safari

Back in October I mentioned I bought a Hero 359 from isellpens after reading a review and admiring the bright purple model.

After several months I can now write my own review.

Is it a good replacement for the Lamy Safari?

Close up of ring between body and nib section

Probably not if you have the cash for the more expensive, and more reliable Lamy.  

The Hero is a good look-alike, but it may be just that.  After removing the cartridge and cleaning it out, the cartridge nearly fell apart and the small black ring that separates the body from the nib section slipped away so quickly I nearly lost it.

Converter (included in purchase)

The cap is a tight fit and has trouble coming off, although virtually no trouble going on.

The nib is just average, and not as smooth as any of the Lamy Safari or Al-Star's I've owned.

Hero 359 Closed

Hero 359 Open
The bottom line is if you love purple and can afford to have an extra pen, buy it.  If not, pass it by for the more satisfying Lamy Safari.


The Journal


Giving birth to a watercolor palette

I have been hemming, hawing, fiddling, testing, comparing the primary colours and earths to find what I'd like for a small 8-colour palette.  For some reason, eight seems more of a challenge than twelve.

Maria Coryell-Martin of Expeditionary Art introduced larger pans in her shop, part or separate from her art kit.  I knew that they would be nice to work with, especially outdoors, so I added 6 to my smaller pan set.

I finally decided upon: Hansa Yellow Medium, Ultramarine Blue (Daniel Smith (the Smith broke apart and crumbled--replaced with Grumbacher); Cadmium Yellow, Scarlett Lake, Permanent Rose, Cerulean Blue, Quinacridone Gold (Winsor Newton) and Burnt Sienna (Grumbacher).

Now let's see what I can do with her.


It's the Morgan: Little Prince

The Morgan Library, a building I often just passed by, is becoming "the in place" for my kind of art exhibit.

On January 24th, they are opening a new exhibit about the Little Prince.

The book was published in 1943, at the height of World War II, and has since been translated from its original French into more than 250 languages.   It is estimated that 70 years later, the poetic book sells more than one million copies each year.


Daniel Smith declares "watercolours have 5 year shelf life"

Trying to put together a new palette with my larger pans in the small cardholder palette, I pulled out my greens.

Would I include a green?

And if so, which?

It turns out that both my Rich Green Gold & Genuine Malachite are harder than rocks.

Daniel Smith apparently keeps records, and they say I bought these in 2004.

It is my first experience with a watercolour.

The service representative's advice: put in a safe container and dilute with water.  I have my doubts this will work.