Hero goes on a Safari

Back in October I mentioned I bought a Hero 359 from isellpens after reading a review and admiring the bright purple model.

After several months I can now write my own review.

Is it a good replacement for the Lamy Safari?

Close up of ring between body and nib section

Probably not if you have the cash for the more expensive, and more reliable Lamy.  

The Hero is a good look-alike, but it may be just that.  After removing the cartridge and cleaning it out, the cartridge nearly fell apart and the small black ring that separates the body from the nib section slipped away so quickly I nearly lost it.

Converter (included in purchase)

The cap is a tight fit and has trouble coming off, although virtually no trouble going on.

The nib is just average, and not as smooth as any of the Lamy Safari or Al-Star's I've owned.

Hero 359 Closed

Hero 359 Open
The bottom line is if you love purple and can afford to have an extra pen, buy it.  If not, pass it by for the more satisfying Lamy Safari.

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