More Uni-ball Watercolour Pencils

I liked the wee Mitsubishi Uni-ball watercolour pencils enough to buy another set, this time the #3 series. Unfortunately, all three series are now sold out at Jet Pens.

These watercolour pencils don't appear to be well distributed or widely used.

Lung Sketching Scrolls has reviewed both series, #2 here and #3 here with some great photographs of the color palette. He also has a chart comparing the Mitsubishi's to the Albert Durer pencils.

I also found a short reference in Russ Stutler's site where he compared the Mitsubishi pencils to Winsor & Newton tube paints here. If you aren't familiar with Russ' work you might want to check out his website. Russ also has a sketching forum.

Mitsubishi Uni-ball Watercolour, Series #3, Interior

My series #3 in its tiny 5-1/4" x 4-1/2" (13.3 x 11.4 cm) plastic case comes with: 12 coloured pencils, a pencil extender, sharpener and water brush. The colours are: indian red, ochre, brown ochre, raw umber, olive green, viridian, burnt ochre, cold grey 1 and 2, vermilion, light carmine and orange yellow.

Left: Uniball Series #2, Right: Uniball Series #3
in Exaclair 9920 Sketchbook

I tested these and the original #2 set on an Exacompta Sketchbook (laid paper) to see how they would perform.

Stylized garden flower, Uniball Series #3
Small type: Uni-ball Colours; Carmine, Sepia, Olive;
drawn with Hi-Tec-C black fine ink pen

in a
Exacompta Esquisse Sketchbook (Medium tooth, 55lb)

Mitsubishi #3 olive and carmine; Italian Alfabet coloured pen,
Safari pen and J. Herbin Perle Noire ink
in Exaclair Sketchbook, Laid Paper 9920

And then did some quick, stylised drawings of flowers from my garden in an Exaclair 9920 Laid paper sketchbook.

The colour pencils appear more vivid on the 55lb medium tooth paper than the laid paper. But work well in both.

I haven't tried these pencils on watercolour paper...yet!

I am pleased I bought these.


  1. They seem nice. Wish I had gotten a set. They definitely perform great on watercolour paper. I think you will have a lot of fun drawing with them!

  2. I am enjoying them. Perhaps they may come back to the States.