Books: True Compass

This is the first review I've read of Edward M. Kennedy's now posthumous memoir, True Compass.

It is a gentle review.

It evinces little judgement and evokes some of the introspection Mr. Michiko Kakutani suggests the Senator failed to reveal in the memoir.

Faced with challenges the likes of which the Senator experienced, his religious beliefs and his humanity, it is not hard to imagine how important it was to him to "keep moving." As not moving forward might have created the Darkness Visible described in William Styron's biographical memoir of plunging into depression.

Regardless of his frailties, and there appear to be several, I admire how Edward M. Kennedy positively lived after 1969, and then again in the 1990s.

Phoenix Rising is not easy to master, but if one wishes to live, a small or large life, rising is an imperative.

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