The Unholy Grail of the Unconscious

Mandela, credited C. G. Jung

The Red Book, Jung's unpublished journal of journals is to be published this Fall, and is examined here, not minutely, but with a degree of flourish and a strong dash of thoroughness.

Having read nearly all that Jung wrote, cherished his Memories, Dreams and Reflections, a gift from a colleague, analyzed a dream for one year and paid my dues to two Jungian Institutes, I acknowledge that I felt a smile break out on my face as I read the article. The knowing that Carl Gustav Jung's self-analysis has left its Zurich vault, been translated into English and will be presented to the Dreamers is what I would call a most special gift.

The Rubin Museum of Art will host the unveiling of the original book on October 7 in New York, and be on view until January 25, 2010--sufficient time to make a pilgrimage.


  1. Hey you know this reminds my a bit of the way irish artisted used to "project" their Gospels Books from VII - IXth Century.. everything covered with ornaments,especially initial letters.. kind of a controlled chaos.. masterful!


    Melanie d'Anjou

  2. Personally I think the "red book"
    is a waste of time. Some years ago,
    when I finally realized what Jung
    was really about, I decided to
    concentrate on his final conclusions about archetypal reality.
    The Big question is, -
    What is God? ... .... ....
    O.K., the next question, Have I
    experienced anything that would
    indicate another dimension of
    reality? That I can answer; see
    my blog for details....

    Oh, yeah, Jung did indicate his
    final conclusions, in a

    "man has need of the word, but
    in essence number is sacred."

    New York