Learn more about Digital SLRs

Canon Rebel XS

I attended the 1st of a 10-week digital photography course offered for free today and was very impressed.

This online class was easy to view, the streaming on my Mac with hi-speed internet was perfect and the video excellent.

Nikon D3000

John Greengo, the instructor, is a pleasure to listen to and appears to more than know his stuff.

I learned enough today to go out and buy a middle range (those pictured above) to a high-end Digital camera armed with good questions and a sense of what to expect from most digital cameras on the market.

The focus of the class is definitely middle to high end digital SLRs, so if you aren't using one of these cameras, you might want to wait for a class that covers other digital cameras.

John mentioned he might do a 4-week workshop for point & shots.

But if you are using SLRs, jump on board at Creative Techs.

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