Pen Review: Lamy Nexx, Lime Green

At first sight, I liked how this pen looked--sleek, good colouring and felt good in the hand.  It started up slower than my other Lamy pens, both the Safari and the Al-Star, but when it warmed up, it wrote as beautifully and as reliably.

Writing samples, not comparisons, on Blick drawing book

Close up of Lamy Nexx mid-section

Lamy Nexx, Lime Green, EF nib, closed

Writing sample, Lamy Nexx, EF nib

Comparing one Lamy to another, the Nexx is about one quarter inch shorter than the Lamy Al-Star but the diameter of the pen itself is probably similar.

Lamy Al Star, left, Lamy Nexx, right

While most of the Lamy pens are fun to use, reliable and attractive, the Lamy Nexx has a younger, YA look that should appeal to both the old (like me) and the younger set.  It is also a fountain pen that would make a great gift (graduations are coming up) or given as an introductory fountain pen to a new user.

It takes the standard converter that fits in Lamy Safaris and Al-Stars, and that the nib is totally interchangeable.  It is a click rather than a twist cap and as I have been alternating fountain pens, I realize how much easier and perhaps nicer it is to have that feature in a pen one uses on the go--and go the Lamy Nexx has done.

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(This pen was provided by LamyUSA for review).

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