Rabbit Girl and Zoe go to Pittsburgh, Part II

Blick's, as it is more fondly called, was not crowded.  The layout of the store is not unlike the one in New York City, and has one level not two.  Three sales people were on the floor, and before I left the store more than an hour and half later, I had interacted with each of them.

Janet Stepura, the manager, helped Zoe chose paper for bookbinding, while they exchanged binding techniques and discussed bookbinders.   By the time we left, we were over-budget but happy, happy, happy with the new supplies.

But we didn't get into the car and drive away.  Instead we went next door to the A1 Japanese Steakhouse and had a sushi lunch.  It was delicious, but neither Zoe or me could eat it all and we had it wrapped to go.

I particularly liked the miso soup and that green stuff they wrap the rolls in---yummy.  While Zoe drove, I occasionally sneaked into the bag and nibbled what Zoe told me was kelp.

We planned to head to Harrisburg, get some shut eye and stay at a moderate priced hotel, but instead we just kept driving.  Before we knew it, 11 hours had gone by, the sun had gone down and we were just one hour from Pittsburgh.

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