Rabbit Girl and Zoe go to Pittsburgh, Part I

Zoe packed the car slowly and alone. She didn't call Joey to help on Sunday and she wouldn't let me help either.  She was determined to be self-reliant.  When the sun came up the next morning, we were ready.

We left at half eight on Monday, 2 April after checking our close up the house list, lowered the heat and took out the trash.

WJFF, the local community radio was broadcasting Amy Goodman's "Democracy Today."  We were low on petrol and the odometre read "82,966."

Zoe had already decided we, or rather she wanted an adventure and we headed Southwest instead of taking our usual route across the State.  It was Allentown we were making for, a city we had never been to and had no idea just how big it is.

Before Noon we arrived and quickly got lost.  Lost meant we saw more of Allentown than we intended, but it was a good lost not a bad one, and several of the streets and communities were fascinating.

Moravian Church, founded 1747 via Wikapedia

One in particular looked almost like Albany, New York, and was extremely upscale with beautiful shops and lovely old world homes.  I think it was actually the borough of Emmaus (PA).

Finally with guidance from a fella who pumped petrol in the Honda at Friedman's Service (Bethlehem) we were pointed in the right direction.  Before we knew it we were at Dick Blick's.