Book Lover, Reader & Seller

I generally read the Washington Post, and in recent days they have had some excellent book reviews. 

I  do buy books at Amazon.

As many know the owner of Amazon, Jeffrey Bezos, not long ago bought the paper.

Reviews now at the Post often provide direct links to...yes...Amazon.

And Amazon buyers, have you noticed that they upped the free shipping from $25. to $35.


Pen Auction at Leigh Reyes for Typhoon Victims

Leigh Reyes, who has a marvelous collection of fountain pens, is auctioning several of her pens to raise funds for those affected by the recent, and horrendous, typhoon in the Philippines.

At present she has a Moore & a Platinum up.


Give-a-ways all over the Pen World

It seems that the pre-season spirit is riding high with many bloggers, and vendors giving away pens, paper, ink and more.

One of those generous givers is the Writer's Bloc.

And I wouldn't mind winning the TWSBI Vac as I have come to really enjoy my TWSBI 530.


Fountain Pen Day

Didn't use them as much as I could today, but then the day isn't over.

And here are some inexpensive user friendly Parkers.

For more info, you can check out the Fountain Pen Day website.