Book Review: The Pulse of Mixed Media

As luck would have it, and a typical Mercury retrograde moment, the day after I went to Ellenville and met Seth Apter, my copy of his book, "The Pulse of Mixed Media" arrived.

I haven't read each and every word, yet, but I can say without reservation, it is as different as I believed it would be and a reflection of Seth's two hats: psychologist and artist.

Probing anyone within is a delicate matter and having now met Seth Apter, I recognize him as a refined questioner.  He looks one in the eye and with a certain gentleness asks and when he asks he also creates a non-threatening intimacy.  His approach is difficult to resist and it seems that the 31 artists in "The Pulse of Mixed Media" did not resist.  Each came forward both with their thoughts and feelings--two different things (see the Jungian Personality Test for definitions of  the F in "feel" and the T in "think" for a clearer distinction.

Although I've met, worked with or followed several of the 31 featured artists and a number of the 100, many of the artists are new to me.  Of those with whom I have some familiarity, I learned about passions, interests, creative processes they have I was totally unaware of.  And I  got to read and see the work and thoughts of the unfamiliar.    Perhaps the artists, too, learned secrets they had internalized or recognized and hadn't put words. 

It's a varied group and a secondary tribute to Seth is his inclusion of five or more males and several highly recognizable mixed media artists (Lynne Perrella and Danny Gregory, Michelle Ward and Sarah Fishburn, to name four).

It couldn't hurt to ask oneself these same questions, and I intend to do that and use the information in positive ways.

After I've read the full text, I'll write a review for Amazon, but I must say I took advantage of my membership with the publisher to order it directly from them.

I certainly will give it all five stars.


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to come to Ellenville to see the exhibit. It was a pleasure to meet you Zoe. And thank you so much for this review - I am glad you have enjoyed the book.