Writing and Living Locally

Since moving to the Upper Delaware Valley, I've been writing magazine articles for the local newspaper.  Some are on line, but most are just in print.  These articles have ranged from my own personal loves---barns, to subjects I knew nothing about--fly fishing.

Recently I took on a volunteer position for our local arts alliance writing for their newsletter.

Rivoli Theatre, South Fallsburg, NY

I just finished writing my 500-word, no more, no less article about our local community theatre, the Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop.

Coffee roasting at JavaLove

Coffee klatch at Java Love, Bethel, New York

I am about to complete one of two articles I am writing for the magazine.   Java Love, a recently opened coffee roaster in Bethel, New York (not far from good old Woodstock) is a terrific spot along route 17 for coffee and ambience. 

I wonder what Jodie and Kristine (the owners) will think of this recipe for iced coffee.  I am going to try it this weekend.

Commerical Street, Honesdale, PA

The bridge entering on route 191 from the North, Honesdale, PA

My last piece will be one I suggested to my editor and was accepted entitled either "Where the Sidewalk Begins" or "Walking Honesdale."  This local Pennsylvania town is upscaling and providing lots of sites and sounds to enjoy.  I interviewed about half of my folks, and will have to catch up with the rest of the Honesdale gang when I return from Pittsburgh and still make my deadline.

And in theatre parlance, Pentamento will be dark until I return from Pittsburgh.  

Have a happy holiday.

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