Meeting the man behind the Altered Page

On Monday, 26 March, Seth Apter, The Altered Page, had an opening at the Ellenville Library (NY) and shared his work, his book, "The Pulse of Mixed Media" and his thoughts on how he started to create his mixed media work and where he is now in his development.  It was a joy to meet him and see his work close up.  

I ordered the book days ago but unfortunately it hasn't come yet.  I will do a follow up review after I receive it and  I've had time to sit with it and read it.  Yes, it is one of those books you not only look at but read.

Photo via Ephemera

I thought to bring a camera, but was distracted by the changing weather from Spring to blustering winds, the adventure of getting from my country lane to Ellenville and my inner dialogue about an article I was writing, so alas I didn't snap any photographs of the event or of the artist.

More on Seth's schedule for his book tour is here.


  1. Thank you so very much Zoe for coming to the exhibition and talk. It was so nice to actually meet you. And know I will be able to put a face (and whole person) to you whenever I read your blog.

  2. It was great to meet you, Seth. Hope the book signing is a big high and very successful.