More on Digital Cameras

Last week I posted about my experience taking Creative Tech's 10-week free workshop on digital cameras.

Today was week 2.

Although I don't presently own a high-end SLR digital camera, John Greengo's second class contained invaluable information for all digital camera users.


Some of the in depth explorations in week 2 were histograms; shutter speeds; shooting in RAW, jpeg or TIFF and why; and how to control and adjust white balance.

What makes this workshop excel is John's expertise, and his use of extraordinary visuals. His section on shutter speeds was amazing and provided extensive insight into why even with a long shutter speed image clarity can be a photographer's best option--perhaps for those familiar with early SLRs and film, a comparative value for the use of Pan-X film.

Some useful information that will require some reading on my part for my own camera: does it have AWB (auto white balance) and can it be adjusted? Can I do a manual clear of my memory card, something John suggests after each shoot is complete and photographs downloaded and erased.

The on line class only holds 1000 viewers, so Creative Tech is offering a one week open viewing at no cost to those who were unable to connect.

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