Simple Journal Prompt

Front: 2 sheets connected with big fat metallic silver tape strips

Outside PagesBack: 2 sheets connected with big fat metallic silver tape strips

Sometimes the simplest journal prompt can be the most powerful. Elizabeth Bunsen mentioned her, "Manifest Journaling " technique recently and about a week later, I took two cut down watercolour papers, my odd but fun Holbein watercolour palette, ink and some Zig markers and made my own version of Elizabeth's prompt.

Without having just read, Journal Spilling, I may not have taken the plunge and done this prompt.

Since making the pages, I've put up a mini altar in my bedroom window where I light two candles to manifest the hidden but meaningful thoughts.


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  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I've added Pennifeather to my all things pen list.

    Good luck with business.

  3. Love these. So much color, movement, and freedom in the covers!