GraF it 90 g Sketch pads

GraF It 90 G (top to bottom: A6, A5, A4)**

GraF It 90 G comes in four unique sizes, all of which are similarly bound and constructed with 41lb/90 g/m white paper. Each contains 80 sheets/160 pages.

I was watching a film about Georgia O'Keefe and Alfred Stieglitz when I drew the above in markers on the A5 size GraF It 90 G pad, remembering that Ms. O'Keefe had said, "I often painted fragments of things because it seemed to make my statement as well as or better than the whole could."

I must say Joan Allen, and not Georgia O'Keefe was in my sight whilst doodling.

Homage to Barron Storey

On another night, with a sense of total abandon, I did a quick sketch, again with markers, that I think is more a homage to Barron Storey.

I like these sketch pads, their white brightness, the fact that they tear off easily and have a binding system that can be easily folded back on itself. The one draw back I see with these pads is that they tend to furl but a little weight on them flattens them out again.

Thus far I've only used the two smaller pads, but when my art space is cleaner, and my hands ready on the helm, I'll be using the two larger pads with great frequency. They are perfect for quick sketches, doodles and ideal for just letting loose with creative ideas.

All writing instruments worked well on the sketch pads, but they don't take to wet medium.

For resources check the Exaclair site.

Quick reference for paper sizes and their equivalents.

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