An Ole Clairefontaine

This 6-1/2" x 8-1/2" (17cm x 22cm) packet of Clairfontaine 8mm graph paper, with a two-hole punched and wide 6cm margin, has been with me for about 20 years. The 8mm graph boxes are lightly inked red and lilac, and are sub-divided into 4 equal 2mm smaller lines--perfect for various forms of writing or doodling.

Place Vendome, Paris

I bought it in a corner shop on the Place Vendome.

It was Easter week and I must have wanted to take some notes. I wasn't doing any visual journals then, but did keep an active written journal. Perhaps, in haste, I failed to pack a journal and picked this up so that I could jot down some thoughts.

Practicing Calligra-FUN

After all this time it is only slightly discoloured and takes markers with barely any bleeding.

Reverse Side of Calligra-FUN page

It has no identifying marks, or price on it. But perhaps it is still being sold in French shops.

And mysteriously it surfaced the other day in my file cabinet!

But now that I've rediscovered the packet, it is empty. I used the remaining 25 of 100 sheets practicing calligraphy.

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