Marking the Page: All those Markers

What with various widths, colours, price, performance and ease of use, price, availability and even familiarity--not all markers are equal and personal preferences prevail.

After evaluating the shelf life of my markers, and in anticipation of learning and doing marker calligraphy, I decided to test out all the markers I have on hand. All of the written tests were done before taking on that Calligra-FUN class.

Click for larger image: Top to bottom:
Staedtler Pigment Liner; Penstix permanent EF; Penstix 0.7mm; Slicci 0.4;
Hi-tec-C, 0.4mm; Uniball Vision Fine

The Niji marker (below) now known and sold as a
Yasutomo Y&C Stylist pen can be found at art suppliers and craft shops. It is a single end marker. The body of the marker is narrower than some markers and has a non-flexible nib. It appears to come in about 8 colours and sells for $1.29. It is good for drawing and fast doodling.

Yasutomo Y&C Stylist Pens (formerly Niji)

Click for larger image: Top to bottom:
Tombow; Galaxy; Niji Stylist; Marvey Artwin; Mars Staedtler Graphics 300; Fabrico

Tsukineko Fabrico

Tsukineko Fabrico markers come in about 36 colours and are most often found at quilt and craft shops. Generally sold in sets, individual markers average $2.89 each. I suspect I bought mine at the local sew shop when I lived in Park Slope. It just glides onto paper, fabric, glass and most other surfaces flawlessly.

Click for larger image: Top to bottom:
Itoya Double Header; Letraset; Marvy Single 55; Pentel Metallic Brush Tip:
Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen; Micron .5

Itoya Doubleheader Calligraphy Marker

Itoya makes quite a few markers. The Doubleheader Calligraphy Marker shown above is one of my all time favourites. It has a slightly smaller (1.5mm) tip than the average marker (2.0mm) on one side, and a 3.0mm on the other. It is light weight and easy to hold for my small hands. Colours are somewhat limited in this model: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Aquamarine, Cabernet, Dijon, Evergreen, and Mocha. The average cost is $2.59 for individual markers. John Neal is selling a few sets, and Dick Blick* sells these individually for $2.12.

(*Dick Blick states the markers are 1.7mm not 1.5mm; perhaps they have changed the width since I bought mine.)

Click for larger image: Top to bottom:
Sanford Unique (M); Pentel Hybrid; Sigma Pigment Brush BR99; Kuretake XF (Disposable); Kuretake F (Disposable); Sanford Liquid Expresso EF; Zig Memory

Click for larger image: Top to bottom:
Pilot V-Ball XF; Uniball Vision Elite; Staedtler Triplus Fine Liner; Copic Multliner 0.3mm; Copic Multiliner 0.8mm; Sakura Gelly; Copic Multiliner 1.0; Copic Multiliner .005; 0.01

All of the above markers were tested in a 5.25" x 8.25" (13 x 21cm) 240 squared (graph) Moleskine Reporter Notebook.

Of note, fountain pen trials exhibited no feathering, bleeding or see through--a most remarkable Moleskine, needless to say!

After writing this up, I discovered here at Dawn DeVries Sokol's blog, another test of markers.

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  1. I just bought a handful of markers the other day, even though I tend to avoid them as they are disposable (unless I get Preppy felt tips, and these were random things from Paperchase)... felt the need for some instant colour in life. These look fascinating, and no need to worry about your handwriting - I have doctor's scrawl. :)