Enthusiastic Authenic Art Voices

While I don't list blogs on the sidebar, I follow quite a few and in the last few days I have been trying to determine which blogs I enjoy and why.

Two words rise to the top, enthusiasm and that expression I love, "the authentic voice."

Some bloggers that epitomize these are:

Roz Stendahl of Roz Wound Up. I was introduced to Roz' wonderful journals several years ago when Danny Gregory started a yahoo group. Not following many of the groups these days, it was only when Ricë Freeman-Zachery mentioned Roz in a post that I rediscovered her and her authentic, enthusiastic voice. Each day for several months Roz has been posting and I have been reading, learning and enjoying her unique style and infinite knowledge about book binding, art thinking and sightings.

Speaking of Ricë Freeman-Zachery, check out her voice at Notes for a Voodoo Cafe and experience first hand an artist, writer and woman who speaks her mind and speaks it well. Ricë was among the original members of the ole, ole artist journal yahoo group and now has one of her own and several others. It's always a pleasure to learn what she's up to and read one of her chatty blog posts. I loved her demonstration of how to stencil on cloth here.

Michelle Ward of Green Pepper Press and The Street Team is an original artist, writer and creator of artistic fun. I was introduced to her work in True Colors, got a taste of her warmth at a conference in Atlantic City and rediscovered her enthusiastic blog in recent months. Her zest for life comes through in each and every post and all that she accomplishes in a life worth living.

Kim Carney's Something to Say is a simple straight forward blog of sightings, and invariably I am enchanted with a new find she discovers each week. This week I found those organisational tags.

Dispatch from LA, Mary Ann Moss' blog is always worth checking out. I've no previous knowledge of Mary Ann Moss until I discovered her blog in one of several circuitous blog hops. I hear freshness and that sense of "I am alive" and happy to be here in most of her posts and all of her referrals and sidebars. She's starting an online class soon on stencils (apparently a recent rage).

Milliande, who I believe is in England, jumps off the page and into your studio with her enthusiastic posts, videos and ideas. I was introduced to her blog by my good friend Diana Trout.

These are just a few bloggers that enter my days, and lighten the view out my window into the current art world.

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