Uni Ball Vision

Out of my box(es) of pens popped a black Uni Ball Vision (fine).

It draws and draws and writes and writes without a splutter, stutter or stammer after having sat idly, huddled in a corner of my pen tin with several dozen other like-minded pens for about two years.

But does this pen still exist? I didn't find it at Jetpens, but I did find an older review at Pen Addict of a similar pen.

Search hopping brought me an Uni Ball Vision update--8 colours, waterproof. Here's a positive review of the needle point version of the pen--also not a match to the one I own.

Judging from the picture (above) it is not the same pen.

I wonder is my model discontinued?


  1. I haven't seen a Uni-ball vision that looks like the one in your first photo, but I bought the 8-color set at Staples. They are labeled Uni-ball Vision Elite and, I think, are 0.5mm. They're great pens, nice colors, and good reliable writers. The packaging said they won't leak on airplanes and are safe from check-washing.

  2. Thanks, Susan. I may have to check these out the next time I am near a Staples.