Once More...Anne Frank

Another post on the Fountain Pen Network brought me to the movie based on Melissa Mueller's book. I have read the book, hadn't seen the film and although I so want to see it in its entirety, I find myself on this nearly Spring day in tears at each episode.

I so wonder what sort of man Otto Frank was, the sole survivor of the Frank family. Was he indeed such a loving father, encouraging dear Anne to "think for myself."

And although much of the backdrop appears realistic, the warehouse on Prinsengracht is portrayed too wide, too spacious, just too unlike the houses on the canal. And the achterhuis (the back house) is also seemingly more spacious.

Beppi & Jose, two of my dearest friends, lived aan de overkant (across the street) in a very similar converted warehouse, Beppi on the ground floor, Jose at the attic and after not living in Amsterdam for 30-odd years, if I close my eyes for one single moment, I am back on the Canals, sipping coffee with Beppi at the Stedelijk, making dinners at Jose's place, buying flowers at the Market, standing on line for ages to buy wonderful Saturday bread and singing Hop Paardje Hop to the children as we take our bicycle ride.

Hop Paardje Hop (a Dutch children's song)

I believe, on reflection, the years I lived in Amsterdam were among my happiest.


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