Weed in the Wild

Flowering Male Marijuana Plant

So many folks think the Netherlands is a free-for-all, especially on weed in the wild. Well, while it was always possible to have a smoke of weed, but more often hash, it appears there is a serious crackdown across the country.

This abridged article makes it clear how the coffee shops worked, something frankly I never did understand whilst living in Amsterdam.

However, I am for legalisation not restrictions and criminalisation of weed use, so I am not happy that a country that showed tolerance is now into intolerance.

I don't do weed myself, never have, never wanted to, don't like it, but it is a plant like other plants and placing restrictions on one plant over another always confused my sense of logic.

And, if it makes someone smile, reduces pain and is inexpensive, why make it a crime now?

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