Wreck this Journal

From Keri Smith's site, Wreck this journal, she says, "keri smith is an illustrator, writer, and guerrilla artist who wanders through life in search of new ideas. anything you ever wanted to know about her life/process can be found on her blog, the wish jar."

Somewhere I found a reference to Keri Smith's recent project and had to take a look at what she was saying. The book itself can be purchased on several sites, including Amazon, where for less than $10.00, the price of an ordinary journal, you can try your hand at it.

I have enough journals of my own to wreck so it is unlikely that I'll purchase this adventurous book, but the concept intrigues me.

Perhaps I'll just go into the wrecking business!


  1. I bought this for me and three of my friends. I thought it would be a great way to get over that weird thing about not wanting to use a new journal, but also to break boundaries and rules in an attempt to free up some creativity.

    I enjoy this journal a lot. I keep a stain log, have a page dedicated to writing backward, a page with holes poked into it, another where I doodle all over words that are written there, etc. It's fantastic.

  2. I'd love to see what you've done. Any photos up?

    And thanks for dropping in.

  3. No photos yet, but I plan to. Especially for the pages that require me to rip a page out and do something with it or drop the book from a certain height. I thought it would be fun to journal it via photo.

  4. If you remember, point me to what you've done.

    Tearing is a specialty I enjoy.