Seth Apter at Altered Page started a project, weeks or even months ago, where artists and/or like-minded folks put together an art bundle and hang it out to, yes, disintegrate.

With a packed 8th house, I love the old, the grey, the rusted and the discarded and think this is the perfect way to test my fancies.

I put the following into my bundle: art cards, heavy weight mounting board, 30-year old sheet music, Italian ledger pages from 1935, a prayer book I found on September 11, 2001, torn sheets from an Italian journal, tissue paper, faux stamps, a sheet of hand-written eco-friendly paper, a painted and gesso covered accordion weight file separator, old tree bark pieces I found years ago and a wee envelope that is now empty and when I went down cellar to get some of my oldest rope I added an old paint stick.

Late to the party, here's my effort at a potentially hazardous hanging on my porch.

It is still too icy and snow laden to reach a tree or a post in the garden but the porch is open to nature and faces North.

Follow up photographs will spring to life in May.


  1. Maybe you shoul call part of this disinkagretion.

  2. Glad you have joined in. I like the look of your bundle - all those layers. Cannot wait to see it on May 1!

  3. Nice bundle, like the addition of the paintstick!

  4. LOVE all the many layers to your piece!! Can't wait to see it in May!