Umbrella, and Judith Hoffberg

The Art of the Fugue, Elizabeth Harington ©

When I am interested in something, truly interested, I immerse myself into the subject like an athlete, practicing daily, often at the expense of sleep. After I've learned the subject, craft or skill I may set it aside and allow the information or practice to percolate into my brain cells and fuse in my memory, seep into my bloodstream and nourish me or permit it to languish, beautifully, as an adornment on a shelf.

Some subjects never lose my interest.


I read them, sleep with them, have made them, altered them, read reviews of them, follow book artist trends and often fantasized with J of owning a bookstall.

Whilst living in Providence (RI) I came within a hair's breath of having my very own book shop. I passed up the opportunity because the stock the bookshop carried, and part of the deal, was outside my area of personal interest and had very little appeal to locals.

One of the many periodicals I've followed was Umbrella, the brainchild of Judith Hoffberg.

Reading Umbrella brought me great visual pleasure. It also reconnected me with old friends, one of whom is Elizabeth Harington. Elizabeth was my daughter's after school teacher, a good coffee friend and a fine artist. Umbrella featured her work and permitted me to recontact with Ms. Harington after a 15 year interruption.

Ms. Hoffberg died this year and will be much missed by her friends, readers and admirers.

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