Downsizing all my fountain pen inks

I really liked the way one of the FPn members charted his ink colours.

I have mine in a Composition book, one ink per page, and flip around to see comparisons. After doing this for awhile, I am determined to downsize my ink collection. I flip and mark, sell, keep, compare and sold, sample only, etc.

Last night I cut down some watercolour paper from a block, the quality of which leaves much to be desired for painting, and I hope to do a similar set of strips of all the colours I like and want to keep, hole punch the tops of the strips and keep them together. I might even laminate them as I seem to have an abundance of laminate sheets.

I think I have more than 20-odd colours that I will try to sell as they either don't suit me anymore or seem too close in colour to others I prefer.

It's a pity but the only way to know is to try, and to try one must buy the inks or at least buy samples at Pear Tree Pens.

James is a saint for this offering.
Sailor Jentle Ink, Blue Black

One of my recent purchases, Sailor Blue Black is truly a pleasure to write with, and I am so enjoying the Pilot Iroshizukus, the J. Herbins, the Caran d'aches, a Dupont Blue, and several others.


  1. I just tried blue black for the first time recently (Noodler's, not Sailor) but I love it...such a nice looking color.