Jung and Synchronicity

For many years, 10, 20 perhaps, I was absorbed by psychology and in particular the psychology of Carl Jung. His departure from Freud intrigued me. His way of looking at the unconscious fascinated me and his concept of how the world works rivaled none.

Synchronicity was one of his concepts that I nurtured, and today I had one of those synchronous moments.

Before going to sleep, something that has become very difficult for me this year, I was thinking about shadows.

Of course being the melancholic that I am my shadows were lurking, waiting to ponce, trying to steal the sunlight and had neither intention or pretension to be anything other than a foreboding.

But shadows can also be silhouettes of humour, delight and a sharp and positive contrast to light and apparently that is how Misty Mawn sees them in her video that I spied this morning.

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