The Lively Miriam Schaer

Back then, that is when, after a unhealthy absence from the world of creating art, although considered creative in science, I took a one day intensive workshop with Miriam Schaer at the Lower East Side Printshop on how to do image transfers--all kinds of transfers.

She was a delightful instructor, madly rushing from one to another example on various sorts of paper and fabric, and rigging up all the print making machinery to press down those now chemically treated wee bits of flotsam and jetsam we call images.

Already well known for her unusual wearable book art, it appears that yet again, Schaer takes the usual and turns it into the unusual--an apron as a book.

And, if I had all the space in the world, endless, infinite space and endless wads of green backs, I'd own every piece of art and every book that captured my attention and certainly a piece by Miriam Schaer.

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