A Great Idea for Making a Treasure Box for Beanie

The room I use as my bedroom had been a children's room with a Walt Disney Princess border running around the top of the four walls.

My grand-daughter Anya loved them and I hesitated taking the borders down when I repainted the room, but I am just not enough of a Princess to keep these images floating over my head.

However, I salvaged some of the strips knowing her little 4-year old heart might be broken.

A portion of the Princess Wallpaper

And now floating around on the internet I came upon this inspiration at paintedheartstudio to turn a cigar box into a treasure box for my Beanie.

I think she will love this idea. When she was here she noticed (she notices everything) a box I have on my dresser that Arnell Ando made to hold a tarot deck, also made by her, that I gifted myself for a special birthday.

Beanie asked, "Meme, are those your princesses?"

What I will do is sand, paint the box outside in shades of red and pink, the Bean's favourite colours, cover with medium, decoupage with the princess strips and varnish and find something special to put inside for her to treasure.

NB: I asked Arnell what she used and yes acrylics and to protect any collage imagery she sealed it with a couple layers of Perfect Paper Adhesive Matte and then put bee's wax on the edges where the box top and bottom come together and buffed it down so its soft and the paint won't stick if the box remains closed.

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