A cart, a bike and serendipity

Gerritsen Salt Marshs, Brooklyn New York

Although I didn't get a driver's license until I was 40, I learned how to drive by speeding around an old swamp near Gerritsen Salt Marshs with my hands gripping the handlebars, and momentum from the laughter of my boyfriend, RRW, Jr.

Modern Souped Up Go Cart

I can't remember what car he had back then, but he did have one terrific looking Harley, which he gave me to take care for several years. Of course, now years later, I can't remember what happened to that 1957 speed machine, and boy do I wish I did.

Harley Davidson, 1957

Not only did he teach me how to drive a go-cart, hang loose on the back of a Harley in all weather with only a corduroy jacket, he more than any other boyfriend taught me how to laugh at life itself.

My memory of him is part of my Yo te quiero mucho project.

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