If there was one notebook, what would it be?

Hand writing in a hardbound book;
Sailor Sapporo pen, Music nib

It seems that the promised Writersblok notebooks have begun to hit the stores, and the one review I read here does nothing to inspire a purchase.

Yet again a disappointing notebook.

I've never made paper, although I often thought about recycling and making some in the kitchen, and I can't understand what really makes a paper totally user friendly, and friendly to many users. But I suspect that some paper will lay a good line with any writing implement, while others continue to fall short.

Is it a quality control issue? Is it the rag content? Is it the surface properties? Is it the weight? Is it other variables?

And what variables can be examined and improved?

It isn't weight alone. I have older notebooks with paper on the thin side that take ink well, don't bleed, exhibit no show through and don't feather.

I remember when I was curious about how to spin and weave I got myself invited to a mill in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was back in the dark ages.

I spent several glorious weeks as a teenager watching those looms whizz around and folks throwing throttles.

That experience taught me a great deal, nourished my curiosity and nurtured my adventure so that when I got older, I actually did some of my own weaving on an 8-harness loom.

Harris 8-harness loom

I wonder if I can get a paper mill to invite me for a visit?

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