A Most Remarkable Exhibit: Shay's Door

If you are a New Yorker, former or present, or in love with the Apple and its exuberant history, you very well may enjoy this new exhibit of Shay's Door.  Shay's Door is the very door, signed by more than 200 Greenwich Village luminaries, that once in 1920-25, sat near to a corner on Christopher Street in the Greenwich Village Bookstore.

For me, a person who lived and loved all things Village, the discovery of the door, hidden away for years in Texas (yes, Texas) and now revealed with most of the signatures and their personage uncovered, is like finding a hundred dollar bill or several on the corner of Carmine and Bleecker Streets--enough to buy pounds of Pete's Blend coffee at Portorico or an espresso and pastry at any one of the by-gone days cafes--most notably for me at the corner of MacDougal and Bleecker Street,  Figaro.

Sicilian Door, 2005  ©

Doors, of all kinds, shapes, sizes and colours have fascinated me and this exhibit had me very excited.

The entire exhibit is on line and can be read, savoured and take us back to one of several Village heydays.

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  1. I was not familiar with this. Thanks for the info and the link.