The fountain pen universe is shrinking...again

It appears that both the Pear Tree and Swisher have closed their doors, and their internet sales operations, both within days of each other.

It is sad on many fronts. Sad because two more independent businesses have gone under, right after Pam at Oscar Braun also closed up shop, but sadder for those who love a good writing instrument that requires a little coddling--a fountain pen.

I've bought fountain pens many places, from many faces and for different reasons at various times in my life, and I can probably recount each and every event, if not blow by blow, or name the actual day, in a general way even with a weather report.

You might wonder why? Two reasons: I have a good memory, still, but mostly because I often bought myself a fountain pen as a birthday present. And perhaps a third reason: I often traveled on/around my birthday and bought pens along the way or even in stray places marking the event as doubly special.

But my first online purchase was with James at The Pear Tree, and my near to miss last purchase was intended to go to Swisher. My cart mysteriously emptied sometime during the last few days.

I also bought several wonderful pens at Braun, the last of which was a resin Falcon with a SF nib--a beauty by nearly anyone's standards and at a Pam special price.

Independent businesses are closing up faster than they begin, and this is a telling sign of our times--and these telltale signs "ain't" good at all.


  1. Yes, but Goulet Pens just moved into a larger space and will likely pick up many customers from each of the 3 that closed.