Moved and Maddox

I've moved. 
I'm rattled.
I'm overwhelmed.
And I have very rural-like services that do not permit lingering on-line.  I did, however, catch Making a Mark and saw this short clip of Ford Maddox Brown's "Work."

The Pre-Raphaelites have always been among my favourites and I so wish I could catch this show at the Tate.  If you can, run because it has more than one hundred examples of this English period.


  1. I hope you feel settled soon. It's nice to hear from you.
    Best wishes.

  2. Thanks, Lisa, when it rains it storms. We got hit by the hurricane and I have no power but sitting in a neighbourhood cafe eating eggs, and drinking hot coffee.

    Best to you and hubbie.

  3. Zoe! I am so sorry, how are you doing? Are things getting back to normal now for you? That is such bad luck after just moving. I will be thinking of you and sending my very best wishes your way.

  4. Came to Pittsburgh where my daughter, and family live and hopefully all will be "normalised" on my return.

    Thanks for asking, and best wishes to you.