Book Review: An Illustrated Journey, Danny Gregory

I've just read it, page by page or rather artist by artist after having circled around aimlessly and madly.  I also have been following Danny Gregory's blog posts which include interviews with the artists in An Illustrated Journey.

It is terrific.

The interviews are a wonderful supplement to the book, and Danny brings out the best in each artist, where they share themselves, their work, their techniques and their tools.

The more remarkable aspects of this compilation is the breadth of the artists Mr. Gregory selected, not one alike, yet all with a similar if not identical passion--sketching on the road, on a trip, even if that trip, like Roz Stendahl, is just a few miles away.

It was most fascinating to me to hear the interviews of those artists I knew little or nothing about and see their background space and hear them voice their enthusiasm for the magic of a sketchbook.   The interview with Lisa Cheney Jorgensen spurred me to get my two grand-daughters, aged nearly 9 and just 6 to draw self portraits.

If I ranked this book among many I'd give it an A+ and if I ranked it among Mr. Gregory's I'd rank it at the top of  my growing pile of Danny Gregory offerings.

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