So Painful! Does anyone hear?

It's early morning. 

I am not at home but enroute from Scotland, Pa  home.  I am stalling because I don't really want to get on the highway and face another 225 miles.

I read the paper, instead and read this story.

Daniel Barden © Washington Post via Barden Family

I find myself distraught.  I nearly cry aloud.  Does anyone in government hear the pleas of those who want a change in gun control?

Just the other day, out on another highway, I heard only a snippet of yet another massacre in Santa Monica, California.  Several dead.  Perhaps more.  The gunman was not identified.  His rage and an automatic weapon palpable.

My father lived in Santa Monica once.   He could have been on those streets, a victim of an armed man with no purpose other than to wreck vengeance on his neighbours or strangers.

What does it take for the US to change its notion of John Wayne, the Wild West and the 2nd amendment?

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